its time to

Take Action.

Now is the time to center communities of color in the conversation around gun violence prevention and community justice. Now is the time to take action.



Become a Peacemaker Ambassador.

The best solutions to reducing gun violence come from the communities that are closest to the pain. Help us support, implement, and expand the most effective strategies for bringing peace to our cities by signing up for the Peacemaker Ambassador Program. Upon signing up, you will be welcomed into a community of advocates working to prevent gun violence and challenging the criminal justice system. You will be asked to complete a peacemaker action task once a week, ranging from getting woke on some reading to tweeting to showing up at an event. Change takes action, and you have the power to create change, and create peace. Join us. 


Step one

Get Woke.

You cannot change anything if you dont know what is going on. Read up on the evidence that makes our work so compelling, and make it your work by joining our advocates around the country. You can start by taking a look at our resource library. 


Step Two

Get Local.

CJRC has established advocates around the country who are working daily to change policy and shift the conversation around gun violence prevention and criminal justice. Check out our interactive map, part of our Community Action Hub, to find out what is happening near you. Don't see someone or something happening in your locality? Contact us for resources or to request an expert or training. 


Step three


You have a voice. So use it. Let your representatives know that you care about gun violence prevention and criminal justice reform. 

Send a Letter

Send a letter to your representative's D.C. and state office (you can find addresses on their websites).

Follow on Social Media

Follow your senators or representatives on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter so you can easily reach them.

Call your representative

Call the Capitol switchboard at 202-224-3121 and get connected with your senators or representatives.