Chad Wilson


Chad S.A. Wilson was born on Milwaukee’s North side.  He spent 10-years in the criminal justice system for non-violent charges and revocations. Because of this, he has an in depth knowledge of the prison system culture and remains attached to the system by supporting friends and family still serving time. As a former drug dealer, his story displays the difficulties involved in transitioning living styles, with life long barriers in place due to attaining his first felony at the age of 18.

Today, Chad is a certified facilitator of the Nurturing Father’s Program, an advocate for men in prison attaining college education/up-to-date training while incarcerated, and an advocate of criminal justice reform on all levels. Chad is also on a Parent Advisory Team at the United Way of Milwaukee and Waukesha which is a parent-led group that is aimed at building and strengthening existing partnerships between parents and the community to improve developmental outcomes for young children.  He also works with the City of Milwaukee's Office for Violence prevention in efforts to subdue the violence that plagues inner city areas which includes Milwaukee.
Chad loves playing basketball with his children, working with people of all backgrounds, and doing any and all things to make Milwaukee a better place. Chad runs his own website where you can find more info on mass incarceration, current social issues, and his socially conscious t-shirt collection coming soon this summer. The collection is meant to provoke thought and action, which he hopes ultimately provides societal improvement.

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