Engaging Communities in Reducing Gun Violence: A Road Map for Safer Communities


Urban Justice Institute, The Joyce Foundation, Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies | 2016

Authors: Sam Bieler, Kilolo Kijakazi, Nancy La Vigne, Nina Vinik, Spencer Overton.

Authors convened more than 100 community members in three diverse American cities—Richmond, Virginia, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and Stockton, California to hear directly from communities about the factors driving gun violence and about actionable policy strategies to make their neighborhoods safer. Results indicate that gun violence is a multifaceted challenge that demands a holistic set of solutions. In communities of color, gun violence is interconnected with issues of policing and prosecution, disinvestment, and marginalization of community voices. Limiting access to deadly weapons must be part of the solution, but it’s not the only part. Improving police-community relations and enhancing law enforcement accountability, investing in community-based supports, and creating opportunities for the community to engage in violence prevention are critical in a comprehensive approach to reducing gun violence in communities of color. 

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