Proven Strategies

Our work focuses on local, state, and federal issues of concern for communities of color impacted directly by violence.


Our evidence-based strategies to prevent gun violence and promote criminal justice are structured in three focus categories to educate advocates, stakeholders, and policymakers about this important work, and empower them to have a direct impact.


Strategy 1

Community Re-Investment: Empowering our Communities

Communities of color are disproportionally affected by violence in all forms. Both academic and anteqdotal evidence-based research shows us that our lives can be dramatically improved through direct investments that uplift people of color. Policies at all levels of government are imperative to keeping our neighborhoods safe. This includes supporting existing and new group violence intervention strategies at the federal, state, and local levels that reduce gun violence, and do not further harm communities of color.




Strategy 2

Domestic Violence: Empowering Women and Communities

Women of color are often left out of the debate on violence prevention. We believe that we must center and directly address violence against women and girls of color, and the increased risk of lethality that results due to firearms in our communities. Policies that are harmful to women and men of color that lead to mass incarceration only continue the cycles of state-issued violence.




Strategy 3

Public Health Approaches: Treating Gun Violence as a Disease

We know the aftermath of what happens once a bullet is shot, but what are we doing to address what happens before a trigger is pulled? Taking an evidence-based public health approach to preventing violence is critical to the overall health of communities of color, and are proven to work. When we create an ecosystem of caregivers inside and outside of institutions that include hospitals, physicians, and health systems, we can continue to directly address the epidemic of violence in our cities.




How can you utilize these strategies?


Advocates, stakeholders, and policy makers are encouraged to use these strategies to create insightful advocacy and policy frameworks. For those who want a deeper dive into our community-based policy work, here are ten ways you can be a community champion today:



Sign up to become a “Community Justice” member to receive up to date e-letters and strategic information on community-based violence prevention work.


Follow our work with partners on social media.


Donate money to CJRC to ensure that resources go directly to services in the community.



Attend one of our LIVE FREE Community Peace Maker trainings this spring.


Call or visit your local policy maker(s) and ask them to support a community policy agenda.


Partner with us. Our work is based and rooted in cross-collaborative community & evidence based approaches to ending violence.


Participate in one of our monthly county-wide collaboration sessions.



Share these goals with your organization or membership.



Request to participate in our weekly community web “office hours” with key leaders from across the violence prevention community.


If your organization already has its own community policy agenda for the year, feel free to add these agenda items to yours.