Live Free Campaign

CJRC has partnered with the PICO Live Free Campaign, a national movement of the PICO National Network of faith-based organizations and congregations committed to addressing the causes of pervasive violence and crime in our communities.  In partnership with the Live Free Campaign, CJRC has identified counties where CJRC and Live Free have strategic overlap with the work that is already happening on the ground, including staffing, resources, and the political will of local stakeholders to take action. 

Peacemaker Partnership Campaign

The Community Justice Reform Coalition (CJRC) and the PICO Live Free Campaign have joined with partners from across the country to launch the Peacemaker Partnership Campaign -- an educational action campaign to reduce gun violence in communities of color.

The Peacemaker Partnership is a national campaign to reduce homicides by firearms, decrease mass incarceration, and center communities of color in the fight to end gun violence in America.

We are committed to ending structural discrimination and the mass criminalization of people of color by mobilizing all Americans to be “peacemakers” to reduce the number of gun-related shootings and homicides, decrease the number of individuals incarcerated and increase opportunity for those caught in these deadly cycles.

CJRC and the Live Free Campaign have taken steps to help change the conversation around gun violence by:

  • Educating and partnering with stakeholders, including: faith leaders, city and county officials, law enforcement, civic teach leaders, and advocates who support local efforts to implement violence prevention strategies
  • Educating and training new leaders to support local organizing around violence prevention, including:
  • Engaging millennials and seasoned organizers each year from communities of color in skills building training and education of violence prevention solutions.
  • Facilitating in person educational training sessions focused on policy and local organizing efforts to end gun violence.
  • Certifying community leaders each year as principled policing trainers, providing overall volunteer teaching time with training sessions.
  • Training officers in principled policing, a new training program developed with the CA Department of Justice to improve police/community relationships.
  • Committing to a decrease in officer-involved shootings and use of force incidents in cities with peacemaker strategies after proper of implementation.

In order to launch this partnership, we have supported the engagement of a broad range of partners, including our presiding partnership with Google. com, media platforms, the gun violence prevention community, civic leaders, athletes, celebrities, and other stakeholders.

How to Partner with Us

Peacemaker Partnership Campaign partners have agreed to a partnership with CJRC. Peacemaker Partnership Campaign partners will support the campaign in a number of ways, including but not limited to:

  • Attract: Work to promote content and support community led solutions, using the Peacemaker brand and logo with your own.
  • Amplify: Coordinate with Peacemaker Partnership media influencers, staff, and community leaders to integrate content and spread the word using different media platforms.
  • Advocate: Work on the ground through trainings and convenings with leaders to communicate with, engage, and mobilize communities to act.
  • Give: Financially support our work through our Peacemaker Ambassadors Circle Programs. 

We believe everyone has a part to play in bringing peace to our communities, regardless of what city or state you call home.

Our current partners, including the Campaign for Black Male Achievement, Cities United, Athletes for Impact, and the NAACP have already joined us for local events in New Orleans and Washington, DC, and are committed to support our national campaign that will launch in June 2017 in California.

Please contact Amber Goodwin at to sign up to become a partner, or find out how you can become a Peacemaker Ambassador through a financial contribution.