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The CJRC Community Action Hub is a one-stop shop for working as a advocate or champion for gun violence prevention for and in communities of color. We work collaboratively and partner with organizations and individuals to highlight best practices and uplift evidence based strategies. 


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Use this interactive map to tap into resources, events, organizations, and individuals working at the intersection of gun violence prevention and criminal justice reform for and in communities of color around the country. 


Show Up.


Check out upcoming events and commit to showing up. Our calendar (and interactive map) brings together events from CJRC and our numerous community partners. If you would like to include your event, please fill out the form below. Please allow up to 24 hours for your event to appear on the interactive map and in our upcoming events.


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Get Woke.


You cannot change anything if you dont know what is going on. Read up on the evidence that makes our work so compelling, and make it your work by joining our advocates around the country. Here are a some resources to help you. For more, visit our Resource Library.