About CJRC


We are a national advocacy coalition building power for communities of color fighting to end gun violence in America. We live at the nexus of gun violence prevention and criminal justice reform.


We believe in justice, in freedom, and reimagining our humanity. 

Community Justice Reform Coalition (CJRC) is a national advocacy coalition that promotes and invests in evidence-based policies and programs to prevent gun violence and uplift criminal justice reforms in urban communities of color.

We believe we can fill the leadership gap within mainstream advocacy by centering communities of color, and change the face of gun violence prevention. 

Strategic long-term investments in evidence-based programs and policies that are developed and implemented by communities of color will prevent gun violence and help fix our broken criminal justice system.

We believe that to truly free ourselves from trauma, we must reimagine and redefine what safety and security mean for those at the margins of society. 



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Build Community

We work to support everyday violence prevention in communities of color. We do so by building coalition of POC-led organizations and filling the leadership gap through mainstream advocates who are centering communities of color, confronting violence, and challenging the criminal justice system. 

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Seek Justice

We utilize evidence-based research, data, and analytics to drive the conversation around injustices, especially those that disproportionately affect communities of color. We strive to invest in programs that promote a justice that promotes the safety and security of all members of our society, and especially those on the margins.


Fight for Reform

We built a strategic policy framework that includes targeted, community-based intervention programs. We have the tools to reform broken systems that continue to marginalize and tear apart our communities. Our work redefines policy with a focus on dignity for communities of color.