Working at the Intersection of Gun Violence Prevention & Criminal Justice Reform.


Speakers bureau

The Speakers Bureau is a unique intergenerational training program to help both millennial thought leaders and formerly incarcerated organizers  improve their public speaking skills, personally tell their stories, and market their skills and expertise to connect with a wide range of audiences on a state, local and national level. 

peacemaker Training Institute

Peacemaker Trainings bring together organizers and allies working within or interested in the gun violence prevention movement, specifically within communities of color. These trainings are meant to shift the narrative of gun violence prevention to center voices of color and create space for collaboration, community, and learning. 

50 State Rapid Response Team

The response team was created to have a unified, collective national voice when action is needed on where there are challenges or solutions happening in communities of color. 


Raise your voice.

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Take Action

While action takes many forms, it is most definitely about doing something. We invite you to join us in centering communities of color to prevent gun violence and reform criminal justice. Become a peacemaker by taking action.  


get woke

You cannot change anything if you dont know what is going on. Read up, get woke.

get local

CJRC has established advocates around the country who are working daily to change policy and shift the conversation around gun violence prevention and criminal justice. In addition, we have events happening around the country.

Get political

You have a voice. So use it. Let your representatives know that you care about gun violence prevention and criminal justice reform. 


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